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Training for vineyard personnel

Master Vigneron Academy® Programs

The Lake County Master Vigneron Academy® currently offers three programs for employers and vineyard personnel: the MVA Credential of Master VigneronCM for vineyard supervisors, the MVA Crew Lead Certificate for vineyard workers looking to develop leadership skills, and Ag Labor Management continuing education courses in leadership and communication for all levels of vineyard management.

MVA Credential of Master VigneronCM

The Credential of Master Vigneron provides advanced training for experienced vineyard supervisors with an emphasis on high-level viticultural topics, vineyard planning, vineyard labor management, and leadership skills.

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MVA Crew Lead Certificate

The MVA Crew Lead Certificate introduces Crew Leaders to the nuts and bolts of their supervisory role and helps build critical skills in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, and avoiding favoritism.

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Ag Labor Management Continuing Education

The MVA Ag Labor Management continuing education program offers additional training and skill-building in leadership and supervisory topics that are suitable for experienced vineyard supervisors.

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Pruning vines in 2018 in Lake County, Calif by Nathan DeHart