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Continuing Education

Ag Labor Management

Ag Labor Management Overview

Leadership and communication skills, along with an understanding of laws and regulations affecting agriculture, are critical components for success in supervising employees. Training in these areas leads to higher employee satisfaction and productivity, whether they’re first-time supervisors or employees with years of experience.

The Ag Labor Management Continuing Education program has been developed as a tool for vineyard supervisors and vineyard managers. It’s designed to grow skills in leadership and communication and provide information in other topics important to their operation.


Program Benefits

With 60 percent to 70 percent of costs associated with coastal vineyard operations linked to work crews, an investment in leadership development among this critical group makes good business sense.

As leadership and management skills increase among vineyard and crew supervisors, an improved work environment is created for all employees. Knowledgeable supervisors are more efficient and effective, which in turn leads to better production and lower operating costs.

Intended Audience

This program is intended for experienced vineyard supervisors.

Program Format

This program offers a series of workshops on building leadership and communication skills as well as an understanding laws and regulations that prepare participants to be successful in their role. 

Classes will be taught in Spanish and presented live. Students will be given assignments to be completed between classes to help them practice the skills taught in the course.