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Advanced Training

MVA Credential of Master Vigneron

Benefits of the Credential of Master VigneronCM Program

The Credential of Master VigneronCM provides advanced training for experienced vineyard supervisors with an emphasis on high-level viticultural topics, vineyard planning, vineyard labor management, and leadership skills.

Some 60 percent to 70 percent of the costs associated with vineyard operations are directly linked to work crews. That’s why an investment in employee development for this critical group makes good business sense. Knowledgeable supervisors are more efficient and effective, which leads to better production and lower operating costs.

But it’s also good for the employees they supervise. By helping supervisors understand the big picture of the vineyard business, in addition to building their leadership and management skills, the Credential of Master Vigneron can improve the work environment for all employees.

Structure of the Credential of Master Vigneron Program

The Credential of Master Vigneron program is a year-long program taught primarily in Spanish, making it accessible to a majority of vineyard workers.

Classes are held one day each month from January through August, with a break during harvest, and resume in November with a two-day interactive seminar on agricultural labor management, and conclude with a graduation celebration. (See a list of graduates in the Credential of Master Vigneron program.)

The all-day sessions strengthen each student’s knowledge of viticulture and the wine industry while providing an in-depth understanding about the supervisor’s role and responsibilities in implementing quality winegrowing practices and improving farm-worker productivity. MVA students interact with experts in the winegrape industry, learning directly from career professionals, UC academics, and their peers.

The curriculum includes sessions on integrated canopy management, vineyard layout, planting stock, agricultural labor management, conflict resolution, vine balance, vineyard finances, wine industry economics, winegrape quality, and wine tasting. Students visit UC Davis facilities, Unified Symposium, nursery operations, Foundation Plant Services, and outstanding wineries and exceptional vineyards across the region.

The Master Vigneron Academy connects our employees to a modern business environment. It links them to our customers and helps them understand their role in ‘customer service.’ It creates a bond with the larger industry, and it gives them a perspective of their role in the larger purpose. It helps them understand our business goals in regards to human resources, finance, quality, regulatory compliance, and technological innovation.
Randy Krag