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Advance Your Career

Resources for Vignerons

This page contains a list of training resources for vineyard supervisors and vineyard personnel who are interested in advancing their careers.

English Learning (ESL)

  1. Learning English – Mendocino College

“Welcome to the English as a Second Language Program” (Bienvenidos al Programa de Inglés Como Segundo Idioma) at Mendocino College

  1. English for Speakers of Other Languages – Woodland Community College

Non-Credit Classes
Contact: Dr. Shannon Reed, Dean of Arts & Sciences
Phone: (530) 661-5719
Counseling: (530) 661-5703


  1. Viticulture Skills – Mendocino College

  1. Viticulture – Santa Rosa Junior College

Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Sustainable Agriculture – Santa Rosa Junior College

  1. Sustainable Agriculture Certificate of Achievement – Woodland Community College